GC 6W COURTGolf croquet is played on a court identical to the Association and USCA games. The equipment is the same as well, except for the lack of clips to track the next hoop. This is because of golf croquet's primary trait; everyone shoots for the same hoop. It is usually played as doubles, but singles can be played as well.

The game begins with a coin toss. The winner of the toss decides whether they want the choice of lead (playing first or second), or choice of ball color. Whichever is chosen, their opponent has the choice of the other.

Play begins with the first player shooting in from the baulk line on the north boundary. Order of play is determined by the color order on the winning stake, ie: blue - red - black - yellow and beginning with the ball that has shot first (from the coin toss).

All balls are shooting for #1 hoop. The first ball to score the hoop earns the point. Then everyone aims for #2 hoop and play continues with the point earned by the player who first scores the hoop. Order of the hoops is shown at here with the final hoop being #3.

During each turn, the striker's ball may be hit once only. There are no roquet or croquet strokes. When any ball comes to rest beyond the yard line or boundary line, they are placed on the yard line nearest to where it went of the court

The full official rules for Golf croquet can be found at the World Croquet Federation website [HERE]