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Supersize Croquet

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SuperSize Croquet & SuperMalletBall

are the new giant-sized soccer ball wicket games you've read about in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, and many other newspapers and magazines. These games, played with soccer balls and oversized wickets, were created by The Toequet Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, They combine the fun of Backyard Croquet with the spirit of Extreme Croquet. Everyone can play, both adults and kids. Just about anytime. Almost anywhere.


SuperSize Croquet & SuperMalletBall are exciting new variations on croquet, and is increasing in popularity. For those with some space will enjoy playing this soccer-croquet hybrid. It is much more challenging than it first appears and will provide you with hours of outdoor fun - a natural for the next family picnic. The rules & instructions include several variations that can be played on a flat field and cross-country style.



  • 4 (or 6) Regulation #5 soccer balls
  • >9 SuperStrong flex hoops with metal ground pins
  • 2 Goal stakes with bright color bands
  • Air pump
  • Net carry bag with drawstring
  • Complete rules & setup instructions
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty