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Tournament Croquet Set - 4 Player

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Serious players demand a lot of their sports equipment. Our Tournament croquet set won't disappoint. Everything you see meets or exceeds Association Class A equipment standards. Acadia mallets, Dawson or CQ-16 balls, Tournament wickets, winning peg, marking clips, corner flags, boundary line, USCA rulebook, and instructions complete this set. Everything is carried in a handmade wood equipment case

Traditionalists will love the mallets in this set. The Acadia mallet heads are made from solid American white ash. They have inlaid black sightlines and matching black reinforced striking faces. They are peripherally weighted to be a perfect match to the 16 ounce balls in this set.

Your choice of balls include either tournament approved Dawson 2000's or CQ-16's. Both meet the demanding requirements of the CA and played with by the best players in the world. The Dawson 2000 is the ball chosen for sanctioned world tournaments. It is known for its extremely close tolerances to size & weight For more on tournament specifications on balls, please read the additional information on our website. In a nutshell, they must be 3-5/8" diameter, weigh 16 ounces, have a double milled surface and have a very specific 'liveliness'. The other two ball options are Pro-16's and Competition balls. These still provide regulation size & weight but are not the correct liveliness. The Pro-16's are more relaxed in their responsiveness while the Competition balls are extremely lively, making them a good choice for taller grass surfaces.

The powdercoated tournament wickets incorporate 4 welded fins, spanning 2 inches to ensure a solid footing in any soil condition. The uprights offer a regulation 3-3/4" opening. The entire upper section is welded from 5/8" steel bar. Each set of 6 includes one hoop with a red crown and one with a blue crown. Optionally, you may decide on a set of 9 wickets and two winning pegs. If conditions dictate, the Foxy wickets provide a base that is easier to insert into harder court surface. These are also a good alternative when installed on a multi-use lawn.

Also included is a winning peg made from a solid white synthetic rod. The brilliant first colors are on our vinyl winning peg decal. It features a removable clip extension. The ground spike extends 10" for secure footing. It allows for easy insertion and removal, leaving an imperceptible hole behind. It is regulation size at 1-1/2" diameter X 18" tall. Corner flags made from the finest fade-resistant nylon bunting ensure the most durable court markers available. The flag pivots freely atop the staff thanks to its unique and simple design while assuring it will never end up drooping to the ground. The steel flag staffs are powder coated for a durable finish. The 400’ spool of the finest white braided nylon cord is highly resistant to moisture and the sun’s UV rays. It is long enough to outline a full size croquet lawn. Clips are paired to a ball of the same color. It is clipped to the next hoop (or stake) that ball is shooting for. This allows all players to keep track of their targets as well as those of their opponents'.

There are always (and only) 4 balls in an official regulation game. Our tournament sets are available in 4 and 8 player versions. In the 8 player set, the 2nd set of 4 balls allows for a second game to be played on the same court. You have the choice of either striped primary color balls (blue, red, black & yellow) or secondary color balls (green, pink, brown & white).

LASER ENGRAVING can make this set truly yours. For as little as $40, add your name, design your own graphics, club logo . . . anything you can imagine. Have one or all of the mallet heads personalized.


  • 4 Acadia mallets with 36" handles and 9" heads with sightlines (optional heights available)
  • 4 balls - Dawson 2000, CQ-16, Pro-16 or Competition balls. All are 16 ounce and 3-5/8" diameter
  • Powdercoated hoops (set of 6 or 9)
  • Winning peg (2 pegs when the 9 hoop option is selected)
  • 4 Association corner flags
  • Ball marking clips
  • 400' of nylon boundary line
  • Official USCA rulebook or Association lawbook
  • Quick-startc Rules and instructions
  • Hand-made wood equipment case
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty


  • Choice of 4 different types of balls
  • Mallet heights (on request - 32", 34", 36", 38")
  • Cushion grips (your choice of colors)
  • Shaft type (aluminum or ash)
  • Hoop type & quantity (layout of 6 hoops/1 stake or 9 hoops/2 stakes)
  • Personalizing

Any customizing beyond the selection boxes above, can be provided. Calling our toll free customer service phone number.



Tournament vs Recreational mallets
Differentiating types of mallets leaves alot to be desired as far as terminology. Typically, "Tournament mallets" are used with 16 ounce balls. They are capable of standing up to striking a full weight ball without premature failure (shaft breakage or head splitting). "Recreational mallets" are usually lighter weight and have little or no reinforcement on the striking faces. They are meant for backyard (garden) play with balls weighing 12 ounces or less.

  1. Mallet height: There are several factors that will determine the best mallet height. These include the type of grip you use (Irish, Standard or Solomon), your overall height and body proportions (long torso/short legs/long or short arms). A player using the Irish grip will typically use a mallet 2" - 3" shorter than the those using the Standard or Solomon grip. A good starting point would be to try several mallet heights and choose one that doesn't have you bending too much at the waist.
  2. Head length: Unlike golfers who have a bag full of different clubs for each situation they find themselves in, croquet players are limited to one. For this reason, we have to compromise on head length. A long head will give higher peripheral weighting which stabilizes the mallet. A short head allows for a steeper angle of attack, which is necessary to perform an effective stop shot. Somewhere in the middle is the best solution to most of your shots. If you are selecting a lighter mallet, you can still get satisfactory stop shots with a longer head (11" - 12"). However, if the mallet weight is heavier, you'll want to consider a shorter head (9" - 10")
  3. Ash~Aluminum~Graphite: Ranging from least expensive to best performing, you can decide to use any of these handle choices.
    1. Ash is the traditional material used for mallet handles. It's inexpensive, performs well but also weighs the most out of the 3 choices.
    2. Aluminum reduces the weight of the handle by 3 - 4 ounces, thereby lowering the center of gravity and lightening the mallet or allowing for more weight to be placed in the head without compromising the overall mallet weight.
    3. Graphite or Carbon Fiber is the lightest material of the 3, weighing only 7 ounces. To keep the weight as low as possible, our handles are covered with a one-piece lightweight foam grip. In addition to its light weight, another benefit is the ability to alter the flex of the handle by changing the orientation of the fibers in the fabric that it is built from.
  4. Graphite Rigid vs MidFlex: There are equal number of players preferring each flex. In a nutshell,
    1. Rigid handles provides greater feedback to the player on what is happening when they make contact with the ball.
    2. MidFlex handles offer a softer strike on the ball. There is increased cushioning, which is beneficial if the player experiences any joint pain (arthritis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff etc)