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Toequet Hoop


US $59.00

SuperSize Croquet Hoop Sets
SuperSize Croquet

Expansion Hoop Set for SuperSize Croquet & SuperMalletBall

Expand your game, invite more friends & family with this set of 9 hoops from The Toequet Company. The flexible SuperSize hoops have been improved with aluminum ground spikes for a superior hold. The colorful decal shows the order of play on each hoop. Set up a cross-country course with challenging locations. Everyone can join in on the fun at your next barbeque, picnic or trip to the beach.

The hoops are made from tough, flexible polyethylene with aluminum ground spikes, These hoops will take any amount of hits from the balls and bounce back to their original position. Position them for ultra wide openings or challenge the players to have to jump their ball through by squeezing the base tighter. SuperSize Croquet hoops fully adjust to suit your game style.