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Sport Hoops

US $59.00

Oakley Woods recreational sets feature these Sport hoops as the standard. They were designed for the serious backyard player on a budget. They provide a moderate challenge to recreational players with their 4-1/2" opening. The Sport wicket is made from 5/16" diameter steel. At 18" tall, they can be placed 6" in the ground for a solid footing while maintaining the regulation 12" height. Like all of our hoops, they are powdercoated for maximum longevity.They are available in sets of 9 for the traditional North American court configuration, sets of 6 for the international court setup or singles.



  • thick steel construction
  • 18" tall with 4-1/2" opening
  • powdercoated
  • available in set of 9, set of 6 or singles
  • Custom openings on special order