Foxy Hoop

US $260.00

Not all lawns are create equally. Nor are all lawns exclusively used for croquet For that reason, the Foxy wicket was designed (& credited to the past USCA president, Foxy Carter). It is ideal for multi-use lawns including bowling greens and tennis courts. They are also easier to insert in tough, dry conditions like hard clay sub-soil conditions. For multi-use courts, these wickets leave a near invisible hole when removed.

The upper section is identical to our tournament wicket with a regulation 5/8" stanchion and cross-bar. The opening is 3-3/4" with a 12' above ground height. Below grade are 3/8" diameter rods. Each set of 6 includes one hoop with a red crown and one with a blue crown unless ordered otherwise.


  • 4 solid white wickets
  • 1 Blue top and 1 Red top wicket
  • Chip resistant powdercoated finish
  • Available as sets of 6, 9 or single wickets