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Championship Hoop - Stainless Steel

US $679.00

The Championship hoop represents the best in croquet hoop engineering. The more rigid the hoop is, the more challenging it is to get the ball through. To achieve this, we've increased the stanchion diameter to 3/4" and extended it 11" underground. Rigidity is further enhanced with 4 fins welded securely to each stanchion. The 90 degree orientation of the fins keeps them from acting as a turf plug cutter. Consistency of the 3-3/4" opening remains exact from the ground to the crown (within tolerance of 1/64"). Knowing that everyone's clips are designed for 5/8" crowns, we have kept it at that size without sacrificing rigidity.

These hoops are a 'Special Order' item. They are made to order. Typically, they are ready to ship 4-6 weeks from date of order. Please contact our customer service for more information.



  • 4 stainless steel wickets
  • 1 Blue top and 1 Red top wicket
  • Rust-free finish
  • Available as single wickets or sets of 9