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Carpet Hoop

US $65.00

Does inclement weather challenge your practice time? Worry no more. You can play croquet indoors with our newest hoop design. Developed for use with a carpeted floor. The hollow stanchion (uprights) fit snugly into 3" tall steel pins welded solidly to wide, triangular bases. The bases, when taped to the floor ensure a solid hoop to run balls through. The upper section conforms to Association regulations, with an opening is 3-3/4" and a crown at 12". As with all of the Oakley Woods Croquet wickets, these are powder coated for the ultimate protection.


  • Available as single wickets, set of 6 or 9
  • Set of 6 include: 4 white, 1 blue top & 1 red top hoop
  • Welded steel bases
  • Powdercoated finish
  • Matching indoor winning peg is also available