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How to play in the backyard

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Bob and Ted have created two new croquet products. A DVD on how to play backyard croquet and a video on CD. The DVD describes how to play backyard croquet. The feature video covers both shot-making and basic strategy. Also included is a short stand alone animated video describing 'break play' - that is, making several wickets on one turn. This animation is detailed with a voice-over. Additionally there is a PDF of the USCA Official Backyard Croquet Rules on the CD-R. Along with this video there is a PDF instructional manual which includes lots of text, diagrams, and photos.

Shipping of either product is $5 to the United States where normal postal rates apply.

Note: The DVD is playable on computers and any DVD player compatible with DVD+R or DVD-R formats. The CD-R is playable only on a computer. MacIntosh users must have Windows Media Player installed.