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The Laws of Association Croquet is the official law book published by the Croquet Association. This "Little Red Book" was updated and republished in 2008. We stock the most recent edition for those interested in knowing the official rules of this version of croquet played around the world.

Subjects covered include;

  • Court size
  • Equipment specifications
  • Laws of play (singles, doubles, handicap, shortened play)
  • Conduct
  • Bisque play
  • One-ball
  • Short croquet

The Laws of Association Croquet is the "official" rulebook published by the Croquet Association. The "Little Red Book" was updated and republished in 2008.


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BOB KROEGER’S CROQUET STRATEGY VIDEO SERIES (VOLUME 1) For American Rules 6 Wicket Croquet I am delighted you are interested in knowing more about...

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Bob and Ted have created two new croquet products. A DVD on how to play backyard croquet and a video on CD. The DVD describes how to play backyard croquet. The feature video covers both shot-making and basic strategy. Also included is a short stand alone animated video describing 'break play' - that is, making several wickets on one turn. This animation is detailed with a voice-over. Additionally there is a PDF of the USCA Official Backyard Croquet Rules on the CD-R. Along with this video there is a PDF instructional manual which includes lots of text, diagrams, and photos.

Shipping of either product is $5 to the United States where normal postal rates apply.

Note: The DVD is playable on computers and any DVD player compatible with DVD+R or DVD-R formats. The CD-R is playable only on a computer. MacIntosh users must have Windows Media Player installed.


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The Sport rulebook gives every recreational croquet player instructions on how to setup their 9 wicket lawn. It also has the basic rules for recreational...

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If you play Golf Croquet, this rulebook is a 'Must Have'! Last revised in full in 2013, this is the most current edition, published by the USCA. It includes commentary as well as the method for setting and adjusting handicaps.

What's included:

  • Outline of the game
  • Court layout
  • Equipment & Accessories
  • Offside rule
  • Striking & Non-striking faults
  • Wrong ball/Out of turn
  • Refereeing
  • Handicaps

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This is the original USCA rule book (latest edition). If you 'compete' in American 6 Wicket tournaments, this rulebook should be with you. Many a game has been lost from either from lack of a firm reference or just not having learned what can and can't be done during a game. The rule book covers the current official rules for the 6 wicket USCA game. The extensive glossary will have you speaking croquet in no time.