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Sunshiny CQ16

US $87.00

This is the most popular croquet ball approved by the World Croquet Federation for club-level play. The Sunshiny CQ-16 has been approved by the World Croquet Federation and, by extension, all member associations for almost 20 years. Designed to meet or exceed the demanding requirements of tournament play (see the 'Ball category' page for details) and accepted by croquet players around the world, this ball has made a name for itself. The specifications required to this test include 16 oz weight, 3-5/8" diameter, specific rebound rate and double milled surface.



  • 1st Color Solid (blue, red, black & yellow)
  • 1st Color Striped
  • 2nd Color Solid (green, pink, brown & white)
  • Single balls (any of the above colors)