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Sport Ball

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The Sport ball is the standard for recreational balls. Measuring 3-5/8", this solid polymer ball is the official full size croquet ball as specified by all national associations. Its double milled surface ensures that it responds perfectly to players input. The 13 ounce weight has been developed specifically for use with recreational mallets weighing between 2 lb to 2 lb. 10 oz, such as our Grange, Sport and Extreme mallets. For owners of Forster croquet sets that use 3-5/8" balls, this is an ideal replacement ball.


  • Recreational colors for traditional backyard play
    • Blue, red, black, yellow, green and orange
  • 1st colors used in regulation tournament play
    • Blue, red, black, yellow
  • Single balls (any of the above colors)

NOTE: When you select the option for 4 balls, you will receive blue, red, black & yellow unless you request a different set of colors in the comment box.