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Croquet balls come in a wide range of sizes, weights and colors. Picking the right set isn't always easy. Some of your selection criteria include, backyard play, tournament play, height of grass, mallet weight. You'll see just about every choice imaginable here. What you won't see are wood ball - either solid or compressed. Advanced polymers have made wood balls obsolete.

From our lightest backyard balls to the most advanced tournament level balls, all are made from plastics of various types. The smallest recreational balls, the Newport weigh in at about 9 ounces and measure 3-5/16" diameter. These are typical of the balls found in backyard croquet sets priced under $200. From there, all other balls found here will measure 3-5/8" diameter, the official full size croquet ball. Weights may vary from 12 - 16 ounces. Materials too, will vary, giving each ball slightly different playing characteristics. In these balls, you will only find two that meet all requirements set out by the World Croquet Federation for tournament approved balls. The Dawson 2000 and the Sunshiny CQ16 balls will be found at croquet clubs around the world. Both are suitable for sanctioned tournaments.

Please read more on each type of ball to find the ones right for you.