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Tournament flags

US $39.00

These flags have been discontinued. Please see your new 'Association' flags.
For those who have purchased these flag sets from us, we are still offering replacement flags.


These full size corner flags are made from the finest fade-resistant nylon bunting to ensure the most durable court markers available. The flag pivots freely atop the staff thanks to its unique and simple design that assures it will never end up drooping to the ground. The steel flag staffs are powder coated for a long-lasting finish.

  • Overall height - 24"
  • Flag size - 10" X 10

If your flags are looking tired and faded, it may be time to refresh them with new material. A set of replacement flags (only) are available. The same bright flags used in the flag set above. They have a 1 inch cuff sewn up one side suitable for sliding over a 1/2" pipe.