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Shot-clock Stopwatch

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The turn in croquet requires "expeditious play". In American rules games, this is often translated into 45 seconds. For those times when a shot clock is needed, this is an ideal tool. No batteries are required. The wind-up mechanical mechanism lasts for hours on a single wind.

The longer sweep second hand shows 30 seconds for each revolution. the smaller hand keeps track of the minutes for up to 15 minutes. Resetting the time is as simple as pushing the smaller side button. The top button starts & stops the timing. The timer measures 2" diameter and 1/2" thick.



  • 13 jewels
  • Start/stop by crown
  • Reset push button
  • Long hand sweeps through 30 second
  • 1/10 second increments
  • 15 minute short hand
  • Rugged steel case