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Deadness Board

US $150.00

The standard deadness board along with its big brother, the scoring deadness board, have evolved over the years, thanks to player feedback. The original acrylic bodies have been replaced by an incredible, more resilient material called Versacel. This results in a board that is pounds lighter yet, just as strong. It's UV-resistance means that, even after prolonged exposure to the sun, these boards remain bright white.

Our boards still offer all the features that have made them so popular, the retractable leg allowing the board to be free-standing, its integral carrying handle and the large color areas made from long-lasting sign maker's vinyl. Anodized aluminum channels housing the smooth sliding doors will never rust. These features ensure any other deadness board will pale by comparison. Measures 29" X 20".


  • 1st Color Solid (blue, red, black & yellow)
  • 1st Color Striped

SPECIAL ORDER: 2nd Color (green, pink, brown & white)