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Association corner flags

US $95.00

Looking for corner flags for your croquet lawn. These are new, improved and rust free.

The brightly colored flags are made from a heavy duty, fade resistant nylon measuring 10" X 10". They have an integral plastic sleeve sewn into the cuff for simple replacement. The sleeve also prevents the flag from dropping down the flag pole while allowing free rotation to any direction the wind may be blowing. Replacement is as simple as unscrewing the retaining ball on top of the pole, slide the old flag off and sliding a new one on.

The flag staffs are white fiberglass poles with a pointed end for easy insertion into the ground. Being fiberglass, they will never rust, never and need painting.

  • Overall height - 24"
  • Flag size - 10" X 10

When it's time to replace the flags on these, the replacement flags come complete with the plastic cuff sewn into the cuff.