Our standard deadness board has become the most popular deadness board for USCA players. Their design, has seen several refinements over their life. They are made to the highest quality from a lighweight polymer. The result is a board that is both light and strong while remaining resilient to impact (errant balls). It retains its whiteness even after continuous exposure to the sun.

Our deadness boards are designed with the convenient features, the retractable leg offering its free-standing ability, an integral carrying handle and the large color areas that incorporate long-lasting sign maker's vinyl. Anodized aluminum channels allows for smooth sliding doors. The stainless steel screws will never rust.

CUSTOM DEADNESS BOARDS can be made to your specifications, regardless of size, thanks to our custom shop facilities. If you have requirement that cannot be met with our standard boards, we would be pleased to talk to you about customizing one to suit your needs