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Those croquet players who take their sport to the top level demand the best equipment available. These sets are designed to perform flawlessly for the most demanding players. Each component complies with regulations set out by all national croquet associations around the world. Mallets are typically weigh 3 lbs, and measure from 34" - 40" tall. Balls weigh precisely 16 ounces with double milled surfaces. Heavy steel hoops present challenging clearances for the ball's 3-5/8" diameter.

Oakley Woods Croquet is just as serious about the making of croquet equipment. We are very familiar with the demand placed on our products by some of the best players in the world. Our craftsmen take pride in what they make. The sets shown here are the most popular variations of our wide range of equipment. You can select from any of these sets with varying options or create a set of your own from individual components.