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Croquet players come in all variations; from occasional, fun-seekers to serious enthusiasts to 'Extreme' players. Each player puts varying demands on their equipment. For this reason, we provide the largest range of quality-made equipment anywhere. Light duty backyard (garden) sets can be the most challenging purchase. Good mallets and balls must endure constant beating while hoops should be strong enough to stand straight and resist being deformed when hit by the ball.

Mallets and balls must be matched to each other for weight and durability. A large ball will prematurely wear out (or break) a light duty mallet. The same is true of a large mallet hitting a mis-matched ball. Recreational balls typically weigh between 10 - 13 ounces while their matching mallets range from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 pounds.

At The Croquet Store & Oakley Woods Croquet, we insist on bringing you croquet sets to fit every croquet player's budget.