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The Croquet Store offers balls in a variety of sizes, weights & colors for recreational and competitive players. These range from 10 oz recreational balls to 16 oz 'Approved' tournament balls. In between are balls that are  of regulation size and/or weight. When selecting croquet balls, they should be matched to the mallets used in the game. A mismatched mallet/ball combination can cause premature wear to one or the other.

Recreational balls are typically in sets of 4 or 6. The 'first colors' are blue, red, black and yellow. Green & orange complete a 6 player set. Six wicket games always have 4 balls in a game. Two separate games may be played on one court, requiring 8 different balls. The second game may use striped 'first colors' or 2nd colors (green, pink, brown & white. A ball may be regulation size & weight but unless it's approved by the Croquet Association, it is not suitable for sanctioned tournaments. To learn what characteristics a ball must meet to be approved, [CLICK HERE]

Owners of Forster croquet sets looking for balls, look no further. Many of their sets use a ball identical to our 3-5/16" diameter Newport ball. For players that had a 3-5/8" smooth surfaced compressed wood ball, our new Sport balls will provide significantly improved performance and durability.