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Golf Croquet (*)

Croquet lawn layout for Association rulesGolf croquet is played on a court identical to the Association and USCA games. The equipment is the same as well, except for the lack of clips to track the next hoop. This is because of golf croquet's primary trait; everyone is playing for the same hoop. It is played as doubles or singles but always with 4 balls in a game. In a singles game, one player plays the blue & black balls while their opponent plays the red & yellow balls.

The game begins with a coin toss. The winner of the toss will play the blue & black. Play begins with the first player shooting the blue ball toward hoop #1 from corner #4 (yellow flag). Order of play is determined by the color order on the winning stake, ie: blue - red - black - yellow. 

All balls are shooting for #1 hoop. The first ball to score the hoop earns the point. Then everyone, in turn, shoots, from where their balls lie, for hoop #2  and play continues with the point earned by the player who first scores the hoop. Order of the hoops is shown at here. If, at the end of 12 hoops, the score is tied, the tie-breaking hoop is #3. A shorter version of the game plays until one player scores 4 points (hoops). 

During each turn, the striker's ball may be hit once only. There are no additional strokes earned for hitting another ball or for scoring a hoop. When any ball comes to rest beyond the boundary line, they are placed on the boundary line where it went of the court. 

The full official rules for Golf croquet can be found at the World Croquet Federation website [HERE]